Happy Holidays – My free gift to you for 2019

Posted by Julio Vasquez December 14, 2018

Happy holidays! This is the time of year that the most happens. It’s exciting because there are opportunities for your apps to do really well, but it can also be a stressful time. It’s easy to be reactive when you’re under a lot of stress, but the best way to fight reactivity is to be intentional. I’m excited to share …

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Dramatically reduce your business headaches with this 1 simple process…

Posted by Julio Vasquez August 27, 2018

Tell me if you’ve ever had this happen before… One day it hits you – you get an amazing idea for app and immediately grab your phone, a napkin, or whatever you’ve got nearby to scratch out the outline so you don’t forget it. You jump into the app store to do your market research, and a few days letter …

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What I learned launching a Top 1% Crowdfunding Campaign

Posted by Chad Mureta February 13, 2018

This week for Freedom Friday I shared what I learned from our Project EVO Kickstarter Campaign – the first Crowdfunding campaign I’ve ever done. We managed to hit the top 1% of all KS campaigns in funding in just over a month! You can still check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/965524310/evo-planner-the-worlds-first-personalized-flow-sys In this video, I went off the cuff and covered …

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Finding Momentum for 2018 (Video with Matt “Styles” Haddad)

Posted by Chad Mureta February 1, 2018

Recently we had a super impactful talk with my good friend Matt “Styles” Haddad. We went live right at the time 95% of people drop off on the goals they’ve set for the year. Styles has been studying for the past 10 years to help people create and keep their momentum in pursuing their goals, and he was the one …

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Freedom Friday: Top Brain Hacks for Optimal Productivity and Fulfillment

Posted by Chad Mureta January 15, 2018

Have you ever felt frustrated about how certain forces (e.g., society, culture, media, etc) impose one “correct way” of how you’re supposed to think, behave, work, perform, learn, or how to live your life in general? We’re often expected to function in ways that are not necessarily optimal for us. But our brains work in different ways. How you process …

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