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For over 3 years, our mission has been to get people out of the rat race and live the life they deserve. We’re extremely proud of our community and the massive results they’ve achieved since first beginning App Empire.

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Below are snippets from member milestones:

(Note: These posts have been taken word-for-word so please excuse any spelling errors and punctuation.)

Sophie Kovic

co-founder of Applause Apps

How my life has changed since taking AE back in 2012 (!): I now work from home, whenever I feel like it. Which usually translates to about 25 hour per week. I support my entire family solely by my app income, and so does my biz partner. I employ a bunch of cool people and get to be a generous boss to the great people in my company (I own a company!). I spend a lot more time with my son. I do really cool stuff. I have a new car. I travel – a lot. I have an amazing network of AE friends who I learn and share with. I am so f-ing grateful for this opportunity and count my blessings every day. The app industry is the greatest industry in the world. Thank you Chad Mureta for giving me the tools to live the life that was intended for me! Happy New Year.

Muoyo Okome

entrepreneur & founder

GUYS, this opportunity is REAL and there are definitely rewards to be had…finally starting to see numbers first hand that are just blowing my mind, but it is also clear to me that I am just scratching the surface. These numbers can be doubled and multiplied by TEN and TWENTY. And you know what…I intend to have fun doing it 🙂 We all can!

BUT I am not saying everything is easy. There are certain rules to this game. The good news is that Chad’s course actually teaches you the main fundamentals you to need to be VERY successful over the course of your first year…provided you are willing to get our there and HUSTLE. The BAD news…I see some people ignoring these key fundamentals every day, looking for magic elsewhere. No judgement, but this will make your path longer.

Don’t focus on all the things the course has missed…the game has changed and evolved. Of course there are new gaps to fill in every day and week. Instead focus on some of the pure GOLD we’ve been given and how you can apply it.

Levi & Elise Chullick

founder of Cream and Sugar Apps

Well it’s official I’m a full time app developer!!! I just sold my landscape company that I had for 20 yrs this past Friday and will have my house sold this coming Friday. Then plan to do some traveling now that nothing will be holding me back. Sorry for not being on here much but now that all that stuff is behind me it’s full throttle with apps! Got a lot of reviews to catch up on 🙂 Big thanks to Chad Mureta for taking the time to create a course to take someone that paid people to do all my computer work to making a living working on computers. Thank you everyone else in this group that has helped Cami Elise and I through it all. We have some cool apps coming on the horizon and I look forward to continue helping each other out. Keep rocking it everyone!

JC Haswell

founder of Sizzle Entertainment

So I’m on a plane home and took a break from working to check stats, good timing because I hit half a million total downloads today! It’s been a long haul (over two years since I started working nights and weekends), but it’s becoming so clear to me how worth it this all will be. The path is laid out in front of us, we all just have to execute.

Thanks Chad for your book, without that I might still be wandering around wasting time trying to learn how to program or something! Also I’m grateful to have this group to learn from, you all are awesome!

PS – Muoyo I just posted two more jobs on odsek…you better keep moving!

2014 UPDATE: “It’s funny timing because in about 2 weeks I’m going to hit 10 million

Neil Johnston

founder of Better Than Good Games

After 11 years at my current place of employment, I gave my 2 weeks notice today. Yup! That’s right. I quit my day job to focus full time on my app business Better Than Good Games.

I just wanted to take a moment to tell Chad and the AE Team “thank you” for putting this program together. I also want to say an even bigger “THANK YOU” to all the people in this group. Without the support from everyone here I would have given up a long time ago.

One piece of advice I would like to give to new or struggling AE students is, find a partner. You can make it on your own but wouldn’t you rather “make it” twice as fast? If you find someone to partner with you can do so much more so much faster. You can share developer costs. You can share artwork assets. You can share market research tips. You can split test (A/B) all kinds of stuff like Keyword ideas and marketing techniques. Plus you can keep each other encouraged along the way. The road can be bumpy and it’s really nice to have someone at your back.

The mobile marketplace is huge and still growing quickly. The basic knowledge gained in the App Empire course can open endless business opportunities for a hard worker. Currently, in addition to my own app business I am also the Co-Founder of a new Mobile Ad Network called TAP DICE. We plan to launch in the Fall of 2014. TAP DICE will bring casino game Publishers the very best casino ads accompanied by a unique delivery system. We’re very excited for the platform to go live and I wouldn’t be talking about it today if I skipped the App Empire course. It really set the foundation for some huge things in my future.

Nikki Osborne


Today is a pretty awesome day for me – I became a full time app developer! Yesterday was my last official day working as a Doctor.

To celebrate I’m planning a trip to the States in January for a month or so, to travel, visit friends and look into actually moving there. All while working hard at building my app company to the next level! The freedom and opportunities that this industry brings are just incredible, and it’s an amazing feeling!

I have many people to thank and without whom I would not be at this stage, not least Chad of course, and the others – well you know who you are – thank you, for everything.

I remember reading stories like this when I as a newbie and found them really encouraging, so I hope this helps encourage some newbies out there too. It is possible to make this freedom your reality. My humble advice: work your butt off, be hungry for learning as much as you can, and find partner(s) to help you move forward – whether in a mastermind or actual business partnerships. If I can do it, you absolutely can too!

Ok now I’m off to look at flights to book 🙂

Gloryvee Cordero



About this time last year, I was getting ready to release my first app. I had high hopes that the mobile market was in face flourishing and that these moves into the industry would yield high returns.

The road was very rocky in its beginning stages with many lessons of failure and feelings of defeat to overcome as part of the journey. Nonetheless, I treated each as a learning process and continued the venture into a path of new possibilities.

At the time, I had no need to venture into the industry. I had a high 6-figure income position with a very well established fortune 500 company, I had over 32 websites that were doing well, and I have government contracts that keep me constantly working on amazing projects. Those things were great, but were not enough to keep me from pursuing this rising mobile and gaming industry.

For many years, I had studied the patterns of mobile technology integrations, I can still remember my first years of graduate school theorizing on how mobile would become a market to be reckoned with. I would tell my classmates, “This will be the computer of our future generations” and “We should prepare today to establish the technology of tomorrow.”

It seems only the crazy dreamers pursue insane ventures that seems impossible and sometimes those are the ones that yield the greatest rewards. I learned this watching young dreamers, like Chad, Carter, Trey and many others in this group venture into unknown territory and excel, success, and expose the new mobile market secrets to thousands of listening dreamers who believed as they believed.

It was and still is very inspiring to listen to the stories and the hearts of so many people who have progressed and become appreneurs, who have established multi-million dollar companies within a matter of months and continue to grow. These are the future business leaders within this market. These are the future millionaires of our digital world. The dreamers…like Steve Job has coined us all to be.

In the summer of 2012, I hears the voices of those dreamers and joined them to become an appreneur as well. It has been quite the journey, one with many amazing stores to tell, and to think that this is only the beginning of something bigger.

Nearly a year has passed, and today, I stand before you a fully equip appreneur, running four LLCs and recently resigned from the full-time positions I once held dear. One thing I can certainly say is that, “You must release certain things in your life to allow greater opportunities to emerge.” You should always follow your passions and make “BIG MOVES that CAN OPEN NEW CHAPTERS” as this industry is exploding and this next year will be on that will not only financial establish you, but will forever change the course and definition of your live.

You have what it takes to make a huge impact in this industry. Don’t allow yourselves to lose focus or continue to hold on the things that might be limiting you from full force positive reactions. Release this things, and allow new opportunities to take place within your lives. Make goals that make sense…perhaps, only to you, but allow these to take root and become your mantra.

If within a year, I have been able to establish myself within this industry, and quit my day job, you can do it too. No matter where you are at today, tomorrow…there are huge opportunities that await. The greatest accomplishments for your life are still before you, so don’t give up and continue to try, hustle, learn, and ask…always ask those willing to help. You will find that together we are all going to rise. Rise beyond anything we ever thought possible. We will be able to impact millions of lives because people around us will be inspired to believe. 🙂

I am not sure where you are at today or what BIG MOVE you need to make in your path towards this industry. I tell you this, “Don’t delay. It it only going to get bigger in 2014.”

Erwin Felicilda


Big day today…Today is my official last day at my job. Don’t get me wrong, the job was pretty freakin’ awesome (I managed the international digital ad sales for a huge tech music company)…but at the end of the day, it was still a job. One year ago, I made a promise to myself that I will do whatever it takes to grow my “App Empire” to the point where my revenue replaced my monthly salary…I hit that goal 8 months ago. I stuck around my job for that long for a mix of reason…biggest reason was the “comfort syndrome.” My revenue in my business has been doing well, plus the additional perks I had with the company I worked for made it SUPER hard to let go. But, I finally took that leap today and open myself up to new possibilities and challenges. The more we push ourselves outside our comfort zone and continuously lean towards breaking through barriers of what we fear most, the closer we are to achieving GREATNESS! So, I leave this to my fellow APPRENEURS, never give up! There’s never a perfect moment, you just need to take that leap and correct course along the way. We only have one life. Live it to the fullest! – I’d like to thank everyone here who has been part in this journey with me for the past year. Special thanks to Chad Mureta, Trey Smith, Carter Thomas & Angela Hayes. These 4 individuals has helped me out in so many ways throughout my journey. Also I want to thank these other amazingly talented appreneurs for helping me push myself to keep achieving more: [AE member names redacted for privacy] and so many more!

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