• Our Students Are Building Their Own App Empires

    “One year ago, I made a promise to myself that I will do whatever it takes to grow my ‘App Empire’ to the point where my revenue replaced my monthly salary…I hit that goal 8 months ago.”

    Erwin Felicilda, Rhino Mob

Erwin Felicilda


Jack Ross

Jason Chick

Mike Leip

Muoyo Okome

Ob Oberon



Shawn Mottley

Sophie Kovic


  • Reached a couple milestones today. I had my first $300+ day AND I passed 200,000 downloads. 🙂 I started my app journey about a year ago with Chad’s course, launched my first app in December, but really only started picking up steam in February. I’m finally getting the hang of it! Looking forward to doubling those figures every two months, which seems totally possible now!

    - CJ de Heer
  • My Helicopter Game Just went into Profit on its ninth day… Whoohooil
    Thank you RevMob & Chartboost, thank you China… LOL. Over 27,000 Downloads

    - Shaun Glanetti
  • App Empire‘s course has given me incredible insight and motivation to create a successful business. I am in the process of searching for high quality developers who do coding and graphics. Do any fellow appempirians recommend any developers? I believe networking with appempirians with the same mindset is the perfect way too reaching my goals.

    - Jeremy Corrigan

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