Freedom Friday: Top Brain Hacks for Optimal Productivity and Fulfillment

Have you ever felt frustrated about how certain forces (e.g., society, culture, media, etc) impose one “correct way” of how you’re supposed to think, behave, work, perform, learn, or how to live your life in general? We’re often expected to function in ways that are not necessarily optimal for us.

But our brains work in different ways. How you process information and how you see the world is different to the way your partner or your co-worker processes.

This, in turn, affects how you organize your tasks and experience the world. There’s an optimal way of functioning for all of us, but it’s different for everyone.

Today, our special guest is Beckett Hanan!
Beckett is the Director of Research & Development at Project EVO and the creator of Brain Type.

In this video, we’ll talk about:

  • Why self-awareness is the key to unlocking the hidden gems that often pave the way to meaning and fulfillment
  • Surprising things I learned about myself and productivity after creating 13-14 companies in 7 different industries.
  • A new definition of what being PRODUCTIVE really means.
  • Why you’re better off reinforcing your strong points rather than working hard to get good at your weaknesses.
  • What is flow and why does it matter?
  • Why protecting your flow is paramount, and top hacks on how to get into flow on a regular basis.
  • What the 4 Brains Types are and how to find out your Brain Type.
  • What each of the 4 Brain Types are drawn to, their character traits and what matters to them.
  • How to use your understanding of Brain Types to choose who to partner with, how to work with them, and how to use it to create intelligent product (app) designs.
  • How to use your knowledge of Brain Types to be a more effective communicator or leader. Learn this and you’ll get more out of people and you’ll get understood faster (even by people who think the opposite way compared to you!).
  • Have you ever achieved a major goal only to realize you still fit empty and unfulfilled after? I reveal my top tip to avoid this.
  • How to find fulfillment in the present moment (even while you’re still striving towards your goals)

RESOURCES MENTIONED: (Take our free quiz and find out your brain type)
Psychological Types by Carl Jung
Neuroscience of Personality by Dario Nardi, PhD
The Definitive Book of Body Language by Barbara and Allen Pease
Nurture by Nature by by Barbara Barron-Tieger &‎ Paul D. Tieger