Finding Momentum for 2018 (Video with Matt “Styles” Haddad)

Recently we had a super impactful talk with my good friend Matt “Styles” Haddad. We went live right at the time 95% of people drop off on the goals they’ve set for the year.

Styles has been studying for the past 10 years to help people create and keep their momentum in pursuing their goals, and he was the one to get me out of my hole after my accident to where I was creating multi-million dollar businesses. He seriously knows what he’s talking about and I’m a clear example of that.

If you’ve already hit that point where you’re discouraged and feel like you’ve fallen off track, there’s absolutely still time to pick things back up and be successful.

And if you’re still on track, awesome! This will help you maximize your results.

So make sure you’ve got a pen and paper to take notes!

To get you started, we learned that it all comes down to three things: Clarity, Resourcefulness, and Accountability.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to set SMART goals you’re likely to actually complete
  • How to look at your patterns and learn from them so you know what to hold on to and where to go next
  • How to nail down what you want in a way that will set you on the path to success

And more!