How much money should it REALLY cost to build apps?

Posted by Chad Mureta December 7, 2016

Rebuilding after you’ve lost everything sucks. When I built my first app, I did it from a hospital bed with $100K in medical bills hanging over my head. Definitely not the best time to start a business, right? I even had to borrow $1,800 from my step-dad to build my app, which was embarrassing. But then … in the app’s …

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The truth about starting your first app business from scratch

Posted by Chad Mureta December 6, 2016

Da Vinci once said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I’m no expert on art history here, but he might have been talking about business. I say that because when it comes to business, too many entrepreneurs overcomplicate things. Here’s what you DON’T have to worry about when it comes to building your first app business: Having a million app …

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The #1 time of year to launch your app business?

Posted by Chad Mureta December 2, 2016

Every week I get a question that goes like this: “What was the secret to launching your app business in the very beginning?” It’s a great question. After all, there are a ton of things going on behind the scenes of the app business, stuff you don’t understand until you figure it out through trial and error (or someone with …

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Apple just released a TON of new features for the iPhone

Posted by Chad Mureta September 20, 2016

Want a secret strategy from some of my students who are making 7 figures a year? To be honest, I did the same thing when I started out. This strategy is easy for newbies, because it doesn’t take a lot of money or effort. Can you guess what it is? The secret is taking advantage of all the new opportunities …

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