The #1 time of year to launch your app business?

Every week I get a question that goes like this: “What was the secret to launching your app business in the very beginning?”

It’s a great question.

After all, there are a ton of things going on behind the scenes of the app business, stuff you don’t understand until you figure it out through trial and error (or someone with more experience takes pity and tells you).

There are a ton of important things to know when launching an app business … but we want the biggest results for the smallest amount of work, right?

So let’s focus on a piece that almost everyone overlooks: your timing.

You know what’s the absolute BEST time to launch your app business?

It’s the holiday season.

Yup. December and January are a goldmine for app developers. I’ve always made a lion’s share of my revenue at this time of year, simply because people are starving for new apps.

Why? For all of the following reasons:

  • Everyone’s getting new phones and tablets as gifts.
  • New devices mean tons of app downloads just after Christmas and the new year.
  • People are snowed in, so what are they gonna do? Play with their devices, of course!
  • People are visiting family, which means they’ll show off their new devices and recommend new apps to each other.
  • People are cooking and traveling and resolving to get in shape after New Years. They want apps to help them do all those things.

All these app downloads mean big money. Don’t just take my word for it: last December, Americans spent over $1 billion (with a capital B!) on games alone. And that was just in the Apple Store (so not including Android).

For perspective, we spent $2 billion on apps in all of 2009 according to AdMob … which shoots a hole through the rumor that you can’t make money from apps anymore.

In fact, the app industry just keeps growing. The numbers at Apptopia and App Annie show this every year without fail.

It sounds weird, doesn’t it? There’s more competition than ever with apps. Some people even say the market is too saturated now.

Nope. Now there’s even more opportunity than before. People are more reliant on apps now.

And no matter how good an app gets, there’s always a way for you to improve on your competitors … if you know how to play your cards right.

See, the REAL trick to making money from apps isn’t to make money one time.

If you’re smart, you build multiple assets so you profit again and again and again. That can look like a suite of apps, or partnerships, or other tricks I’ve used repeatedly over the years to guarantee cash flow.

If one opportunity doesn’t work out, I’m not worried because I’ve got other assets working for me.

And overall, I don’t worry about the market because I know it’ll only continue to grow in the future.

That’s a true evergreen business. That’s how you print money.

If you launch your app business now, you could have an app in the Store by January and take home some of that guaranteed revenue. Believe it or not, people are chomping at the bit to pay you … if you strike when the iron’s hot.

Before you get too excited, there still are a few other things you absolutely NEED to do to make sure you succeed with apps.

Lucky for you, I wrote up an entire action plan on how to get your app business running in the next 10 days. No guesswork, no wasting time, just a proven blueprint from A to Z.

Fittingly, I’m calling it the “10-Day App Plan.”

In just 39 pages, I’ll reveal:

  • How to guarantee your app idea makes money from the start [page 12]
  • How to build a winning app (even if you have NO coding or design experience) [page 17]
  • The exact questions to ask a developer before you hire them [page 26]
  • Everything you need to know about NDAs and protecting your work [pages 28 – 29]
  • The best monetization models for your business [page 35]

Get your copy now by going here.

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