[Video] The Top 2 Techniques I Used to Dominate Emoji Apps in the App Store for Over 5 Years

Are you struggling to gain traction for your apps?

Maybe you launched an app and it’s not getting downloaded as much as you hoped or your monetization model just doesn’t seem to be working out.

The truth is, regardless of the kind of app you decide to develop, there are problems you will always be confronted by…

How do you create enough differentiation to stand out in the noisy marketplace?

How do you generate enough interest in your app AND keep the users’ attention?

How do you drive users to engage more with your content and spread the word?

In this training, I show you two of the top strategies I use to tackle these challenges.

I’ve been in this particular app space now for over 5 yrs …

This niche happens to be one of the most insanely competitive marketplaces in the app store because there is massive demand for it and people use this type of content on a daily basis.

So how do I continue to dominate this space for 5 long years in spite of the intense competition? Watch it here and find out how I generated 120 Million downloads for this app (and counting!):

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Chad Mureta