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Understanding the Marketplace

March 3 – The #1 Tool To Create Freedom In Your Life

February 24th – How much money do you need to make?

Friday, February 17th – The #1 Secret To Freedom

Your success boils down to mindset. So how is it 99% of people don’t even know how to use their own brains? Styles shares some quick advice on how to change your thinking and start seeing major shifts in everything you do.

Friday, February 10th – “What’s going on with apps in 2017?”

Welcome to our kickoff call, where I share where the app industry is going in 2017. In this call, I reveal:

  • Major security issues that could shut your app business down cold, if you’re not careful.
  • Which apps Apple and Google are deleting from their stores this year (plus, the exact features that make the popular apps so crazy profitable again and again).
  • Weird new app trends that will make you think, “People really want that?!?”
  • Amazing new technology from giants like Apple and Netflix.
  • All the new market opportunities you should be taking advantage of before everyone else does.
  • How buying apps is gonna change forever (and guarantee you never again have to worry about accidentally buying a dud).

Freedom Empire: What Does Freedom REALLY Look Like? from App Empire on Vimeo.