Step-by-Step ASO – Get more downloads QUICKLY and CONSISTENTLY

Posted by Support Team December 8, 2014

Optimizing your apps is another way to talk about my favorite phrase, “tweak like a freak.” You won’t get millions of downloads upon launch (but then there’s those crazy stories of getting acquired in 30 days), which is why the most important time for your apps are the 1 – 3 months after launch. This …

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5 Life & Business Lessons I learned from Dr. K

Posted by Support Team November 12, 2014

With my hat in my hands, I come to you with sad news. My dear friend, Dr. Kareem Samhouri, almost died last week. He’s now been in the hospital for over 2 weeks with a mystery illness and infection that doctors STILL don’t know how to cure or even find the source. After over 6 …

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8 Tips for App Success (from 5+ years of trial & error!)

Posted by Support Team October 29, 2014

The Apps Market is growing faster than ever and with so much competition, it’s getting even harder to find app success. Recent research shows that over 90% of mobile apps are abandoned within a year. Only a select few will make it through to become indispensable to a number of users – and even fewer …

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From Full-Time Employee to Appreneur in 7 Months

Posted by Support Team October 2, 2014

Lucky for us, success leaves clues, which means you can forge your own path by learning from other entrepreneurs. It’s not just about emulating the Cubans or the Bransons, it’s just as important to see how “regular” people with a passion created their dream life. Today, we have one of our AE members who we’d …

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iOS 8, the new iPhones, & Watch: Top features to get excited about

Posted by Support Team September 10, 2014

With Apple’s newest announcements yesterday, you can expect some exciting changes in the next couple months. Surprisingly for the first time the iPhone wasn’t the center of the announcements. With Apple’s release of the Watch (not iWatch as we all assumed and will continue to call it anyways), they delved into a new product category …

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