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If you’re coming into Instant Appreneur, you’ve probably never made an app before (or you’re still pretty new). Regardless, you know there’s much to learn about apps and you likely feel intimidated about that.

So I’m giving you more training to help with that. Some of this is pretty sophisticated stuff that hasn’t been made public until now.

First, I’m giving you my book, “10 Day App Success Plan.”

This is a 40-page blueprint for launching an app from start to finish … how to find a niche, how to manage developers, how to market your app, how to make money, and how to troubleshoot problems (among lots of other things you never knew about).

Oh yeah, and “10 Day App Success Plan” also comes with scripts, templates, and additional videos. A lot of the work’s already been done for you.

I usually sell this for $197, but I’m giving it to you today as a gift. I only ask that you VALUE this book. Use it, and use it a lot! Download your copy here.

Next, I want to share with you an event I did with some of my private students.

See, some people think to launch a successful app, all you need are tactics.

But if you want to make money and even scale your business to six figures, mastering your inner psychology is critical. If it wasn’t, so many CEOs wouldn’t be working with high level coaches like Tony Robbins.

With that in mind, here’s a video from our VIP weekend. We cover a lot of ground like how to build systems into your app business, how to stick to good habits, and how to stop feeling frazzled and get stuff done.

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