General, App Empire, and App Flipping FAQs

We wanted to put together this FAQ to answer some of your most common questions from our support desk. We think everyone can benefit from seeing these answers, and being able to reference them whenever they need.

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App Empire Course & General App Development

  • How do I get started with apps?

We’ve designed a step-by-step course to teach entrepreneurs how to make and market mobile apps led by app expert, Chad Mureta. You can find a detailed article here that will walk you through your 6 Week App Development Plan.

Interested in reskinning and flipping apps? Sign-up for our App Flipping course with industry expert, Carter Thomas.

You can also read Chad’s bestselling book on Amazon: App Empire: Make Money, Have a Life, and Let Technology Work for You.

Plus, check out our blog for articles and advice:
Like us on Facebook to connect with a community of appreneurs:

  • How much should I spend to have my app developed?

One of my goals in the course is to teach you how to quickly develop cheap apps (between
$500 and $5,000) that have a strong potential for a high ROI. My first app cost me $1,800 to develop and ended up making more than $700,000 (it generated about $80,000 in the first six months).

Yes, it can be costly to develop apps, but you need to remember: you are building an asset that’s going to earn you money. And if you follow the steps I lay out in the program, that asset will continue to generate revenue for you, with very little “work” or maintenance in order to keep it running.

Building my app business allowed me to escape from working 80+ hours a week in a job I hated, freeing up my time to do the things I love. And now, I’m tremendously excited to guide you through the process of building your own App Empire 🙂

All you need to do is get quotes from programmers on your ideas. It won’t cost you anything to do this. Just log onto (or Guru, or Freelancer) and post a job with a general description of the app you’d like to have developed. Ask the coders for a flat-fee quote and an estimated time to delivery.

You don’t have to reveal specifics or even hire any of the people who send you quotes. All you’re trying to do is get an idea of how much an idea will cost to develop.

You can do this for any and all of your ideas. It won’t take long before you’ll be able to look at an app and say, “This idea has a high ROI, and I can definitely get it developed for under $2,000.” Or “This idea is going to be super expensive… Pass, it’s too risky.”

  • How long does it take to install ad SDKs? “My developer is saying [insert time frame].”

We see this as one of the most commons ways a developer might be overcharging you. Ad SDKs (depending on which one and if you also want testing involved) should take about 5 – 15 minutes (per SDK) to implement, with testing maybe 30 minutes. If they tell you more, they either don’t know what they’re doing or knowingly overcharging you.

  • What ad networks do you suggest? How do ad networks work?

We suggest using two services at a time at most. You can turn ad networks on and off in their platform dashboards. It will take some time before figuring out your ideal ad network so keep testing new networks. Find a list of top-performing ad networks here.

Each ad network has an SDK that your developer needs to install in your apps. Each ad network works a little differently. You can find helpful FAQs and tutorials on each ad network website.

For more ad strategy advice, check out our post here:

  • How can I find good developers?

We suggest taking the App Empire course because it walks you through every step of app development and marketing, including how to hire great developers. You can read more about the process here. The information you’ll find in our course will be invaluable to your success.

Also, read our blog post: Finding Developers and Speaking Their Language

  • How can I improve my app? I’m not seeing the numbers I would like.

Make sure you’ve invested enough time into understanding the app market and networking with fellow appreneurs to grow your network. Have you taken our App Empire course?

Here’s a list of questions Chad uses when analyzing an underperforming app: How Can I Improve My App?

  • Can people be successful with apps still?

Yes, and we know this because we have new students becoming successful all the time. Since starting App Empire, we’ve had numerous members quit their day job, and we can’t tell you how excited we get every time a new student posts about it in the Facebook Alumni group.

The app market is still extremely young. Tactics change with the market, but the opportunity is still alive and real.

Check out some of our successful students share their story:
Sophie & Steff’s story:
Aaron’s story:
Brooke’s story:

  • Will you invest in my app idea?

At this time, we do not invest in app development companies or ideas. Since our community consists of a large group of app entrepreneurs working on their own companies, it is a conflict of interest to supply capital to some over others. Instead, we work with startups and entrepreneurs in other ways to help the community succeed, such ways include advice & business development, guest posts, features, networking, and promotions (where relevant).

  • I don’t have any money to start. How can I get funding?

There are a couple funding platforms available (and more popping up as the market grows) that could be possible options for you. Check out our blog post here:

Another option is to partner with “investors” (whether that be friends and family, or business contacts).

What can I expect from this course?

First, Chad provides over 12 webinar training sessions. In each session, Chad covers course materials, action steps, and how to avoid common mistakes. These training sessions are critical to your success, and they will absolutely be worth your time.

In addition to webinar training, the seven DVDs, the work booklets, and lifetime access to our online materials, we’re going to be giving all of our members two brand new software programs. This software cost us more than $250,000 to develop (no joke) and has already revolutionized how Chad runs his app business. It’s very powerful stuff. We haven’t released them yet because we want to make sure you are capable of utilizing them first (a tool is only as powerful as its craftsman).

There are a lot of other great things — 2 full-day seminars (which you’ll be able to watch live from your computer), collaborating with members, and a extra bonuses we have up our sleeves.

  • Where can I find…?

We provide a lot of content in our member’s portal (, so take a look under the Worksheets, Videos, and Training sections. Most likely what you’re looking for will be there. If you still can’t find the document/video/question you’re looking for, then email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Where’s the App Empire networking group?

If you are an App Empire member, you can join the Alumni group here:

This group is exclusively for AE members.

  • How should I use the Sniffer & Radar softwares?

The App Sniffer will show specific changes an app has made and their corresponding ranks due to this change. For example, I can see that an app suddenly shot up after a price decrease was made on [date]. The research tool is great for keyword analysis. The software will tell you what are the “hot” keywords the app uses. It also has the radar edge lists, which is great to keep an eye on apps that are moving fast or beginning to trend.

We like to use the Research software for keyword specific research and “inner” details that you can’t always get by looking at the app, and the Sniffer for analyzing changes and rank history. We use both when I’m researching. Usually moving back and forth between the two, but that’s just to get all the info for one app before moving on, rather than starting with one software and moving to the other.

  • Do you have mindset/entrepreneur books or course recommendations?

We have mastering your mindset tutorials in the App Empire course, as well as on our blog. where you can find advice from guest speakers, such as Tim Ferriss.

Buying Source Codes

  • What’s included when receiving a source code from BlueCloud?

You will receive all the files for code, images, and SDKs. You will also receive documentation that shows you how to replace IDs and any other relevant information about replacing anything else. As well as follow up support via posting questions in the comment section of the code’s blog and upon purchasing you are sent the developer’s direct email access to ask questions.

  • How do I use a source code once I buy it?

You only pay the one-time fee for purchasing the code and then it is yours to use how you please depending on the license (except you can’t sell the code to other people). However, in order to use the code you will need a programmer and designer, as well as an active iOS developer account. You can learn more about App Flipping here on our blog: App Flipping – The Cheapest and Fastest Way to Make Apps

And on Carter’s blog on BlueCloud.

Want more information on how to reskin and flip apps? Take Carter’s online course and get started right away.

App Flipping & Reskinning Code FAQs by Carter Thomas

  • My app/reskin got rejected. What should I do?

It depends on the reason it got rejected. If it’s a valid reason that’s strictly enforced then you need to follow Apple Guidelines, however there are many rules of Apple that aren’t followed during review (clue: you’ll see other apps on the store doing something you were just rejected for).

Since there is no longer a delete app entry for first time submissions (you can only delete an app once it has been approved now) the best solution is to create an identical entry again using all the same information. Then before they upload the new app, go to the original app and change all the data to “Sample” data (like use Sample App 290 as title, etc) so they can’t see what the original app was. This should take about 15 minutes. The reason being this will erase the history of the reviewer and they will be assigned someone new who probably won’t care.

  • I don’t understand how you can buy source code and then re-sell it. Isn’t that copyright? How can you sell an app company or individual apps built off reskins?

Nope, it’s perfectly ok. Here’s why: you’re not buying code and uploading exactly as is, you’re creating a new experience, which is yours to publish. You’re not selling code, you’re selling the new value you created. This process is all outlined step-by-step in our course as well as the license agreement you will use.

You can sell your portfolio to a buyer with no problem. You would just need to make sure the buyer understood that these apps were re-skinned apps and are not the original code. They’re interested in the value you created for your portfolio, not where your code came from.

  • How can you make money off reskins (flipped apps)? Doesn’t Apple frown upon “crappy” or “cheap” apps? Do users even like them?

You probably won’t make much money on crappy apps, which is why you should re-skin code that is good quality and turn them into equal quality apps. You’ll see in the course how I took an ugly, boring app and made it super awesome with cool graphics and strategic monetization. But at the core, the code had good features and functioned well, which is why I chose it. All I needed to do was make it look better and be more exciting. Don’t confuse the word reskin with “cheap” or “crappy.” The quality still needs to be there.

Pocket Gems, a gaming company, has released countless “re-skins” to create new games. Those apps make $50,000 a day. Re-skinned apps don’t mean they’re not built on solid programming and great functionality.

In 2011, when Carter started, it was very difficult to get your hands on source code that was of high quality and still at a low price. Now it is very realistic to be able to find high quality apps and games that can re-designed easily (maybe too easy soon!) You’ll have no problem getting these apps approved because they are built and designed so well.

The downloads and engagement metrics (including reviews) that we have received on our re-skinned apps is often better than other apps on the market because we already know that users will enjoy these apps. That’s why they were chosen!

  • I’m confused on how I should flip the code. Is this something I can do myself? Do I need a programmer? Designer? Both?

If you know how to create quality images in a program like Photoshop, you can do it yourself. If not, you want to hire a designer.

If you know nothing about coding or design, you will want to enlist the service of a programmer and/or designer to help you. Otherwise you will spend many hours trying to figure out something or add features that could be done very quickly by someone who does this professionally.

  • Can this opportunity be saturated? Is this a long term business?

That depends. On one side, this is definitely a long-term business; on the other side, it’s inexpensive to get started now, which creates ‘first mover leverage.’ This can change in time. Both Chad and Carter both still have plenty of passive income from apps flipped in the past two years with no signs of slowing down.

A really important point is to remember that there are millions of devices being activated every single day all over the world. In fact, only a very small percentage of the world’s population actually have smartphones – that means there are BILLIONS of people still ready to buy apps. It also has a growth rate that is so massive it can be one of, if not the largest market in history of civilization.

  • How can I be seen in the crowded app market with reskinned apps? Isn’t there too much competition? Isn’t the party almost over?

The business of re-skinning apps is built on having extremely low costs that are easy to recoup. This means you don’t need a ton of downloads to make your money back. When you publish an app to the store, you will get some natural momentum from being in the “New” section of the store, in addition to the keywords and title you chose. Over the next month or two, those downloads will add up quickly and convert into dollars using the monetization strategies our course teaches you.
It’s more than possible to make your money back quickly, allowing you to repeat the process over time. The goal is to have an army of apps producing downloads for you.
There is definitely isn’t too much competition, and here’s why:

1. There are so many people downloading apps every day that there will be demand for new apps for years to come.

2. The majority of apps aren’t all that great. All you need to do is be 1% better than them and you will beat them.

The party is not even close to being over. The mobile market is on track to be larger than gold, coffee, oil, everything.

  • What about Android? Can I do this method with Android?

Android is a big opportunity as well, and yes you can do this with Android. The difference is that Android’s monetization has not caught up to Apple’s yet and thus it is more difficult to make money right now. In the near future, that will change, but for now, Apple is where the dollars are.
This is not to say that Android is a bad market, just that it does not have the same money for developers as Apple, even if the size is comparable or even larger.

  • What is a typical cost for licensing code? What range do you recommend staying within?

The typical cost is $50-$2,000. This depends on a variety of factors including quality, proven track records, and scarcity.

I recommend starting small if you are on a tight budget then scaling up from there. Pick good code based on the requirements taught in the course. When you are ready to make some big money, move to a larger code that can make you more money. (and make sure you check out our Flip Source Code offer, because you can actually get your first source code included with our course by taking a 30 day 100% free trial in our other business (see below.)

  • Do you recommend opening a business before you launch your first app? Do I need an LLC?

There is no “legal” advice we can give here, but you do not need to open an LLC. All you need is an Apple developer account which costs $99 a year. Company vs individual does not matter much with App Flipping. If you ever want to transfer this to a business (when you grow, etc) it’s easy to do in Apple’s interface.
So, to start, you just need to sign up with Apple as an individual.

  • Are “games” the only viable apps to flip?

Definitely not. In fact, some of Carter and Chad’s best apps are in Entertainment, Photo, and Education categories. Games are typically the highest grossing apps because the ad networks pay out best for games, but non-games can also be used. In-app purchases and certain ad networks can work very well with non-game categories and can help you differentiate yourself in less crowded markets.

App Flipping Membership FAQs

1. What are the differences between the packages? I don’t understand.

Option 1: The Platinum Package

1. Get App Flipping
2. Your first source code 100% FREE (with trial to Flip Source Code*)
3. Access to Carter’s Q & A Coaching sessions.

*$97/month after 30 days; cancel anytime
Total: $497 today, then $97/month after 30 days; cancel anytime with no further billing.

Option 2: The Gold Package

1. Get App Flipping
2. No free source code or membership to Flip Source Code

Total: $497, once.

2. What is

A membership site providing one code per month (worth $1000+) hand-picked by Carter Thomas and Chad Mureta. You can use this proven, successful code for reskins (aka to flip apps). This is for members-only and is available for $97/month. Cancel anytime.

2. I already have apps in the marketplace. Is this just for beginners?

Definitely not! It’s for anyone who is interested in producing the best results, having access to premium codes, and being a part of the app flipping community. Members range from complete beginners all the way to veteran app moguls who are making millions of dollars a month.

3. What do the Coaching Calls entail?

The coaching calls will be members-only Q&A sessions where you get questions and advice answered by Carter Thomas. This alone will propel your business as you work with Carter to overcome obstacles, monetize your apps, and implement the top strategies. This is your chance to directly ask Carter your questions! Access links will be provided to members prior to the call, and recordings will be hosted on your App Flipping membership site.

4. What is the format of this product?

Digital only. Upon purchase, you will receive login access directly to your inbox and you can get started right away. If you have any trouble, please email and they will gladly help you out.

If you have any other questions, email and they’ll help you out.

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